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Brother 2 Brother In Christ was formed on Friday April 3, 2020 by brothers Stony Lee, Larry McGhee & Pastor Braverick Thompson. At one time all were members of Good Shepherd Baptist Church of Cleveland, OH Male Chorus.

Brother Stony saw a post from brother McGhee on FaceBook that Pastor Thompson commented on & brother McGhee referred to brother Braverick as Pastor and Stony replied in shock, "ARE YOU A PASTOR NOW???" Because the last time he had contact with Pastor Thompson had been several years earlier at church where brother Stony was the choir director and brothers McGhee & Thompson were choir members.

Over the course of time brother Thompson left the church, so they hadn't seen each other in several years. Instead of responding to brother Stony's question on FaceBook, Pastor Thompson called brother Stony on the phone, "YES I AM" he replied. The 2 of them talked & caught up for about an hour, talking about life & ministry and the HUGE topic confronting the entire world, the Pandemic and COVID 19.

Brother Stony asked Pastor Thompson was he familiar with this new technology that was being used by many ministries during such perilous times called Zoom? Pastor Thompson said no, what is that? Just go and download the Zoom app on your mobile device or computer and as a matter of fact I'm gonna call brother McGhee and tell him to  download the app as well! They both downloaded the app & brother Stony started a Zoom meeting and sent them a link.

The 3 of them talked and Praised Jesus together for 40 min.(until Zoom shut off). They called each other on the phone declaring, "we ought to to this again next week!!!" They started meeting every Tuesday @ noon via Zoom & started to invite other men to join them. It didn't take long to realize that this social gathering was turning into a ministry. They initially adapted the name "Iron Sharpens Iron", but changed the name to Brother 2 Brother In Christ when they realized that Iron Sharpens Iron was already taken when they decided to officially organize as a Non-Profit Organization.

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